This movement came into existence in 1980 under the leadership of Amir-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat, Fakhr-ul-Islam, Hazrat Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri, whose main member, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Habib Barakati, led the movement forward. The purpose of this movement is the survival of purely and the integrity of the empowerment remains intact. And in this regard the movement have played a great role in different ways and will remain (ان شاءاللہ)۔
The movement claims that it is in any assistance, did not require its name to be displayed. And this movement will also be active for the integrity of Ahl-e-Sunnat.

The one of the most famous platform in the society of Islam .which is working for the benefit of people in the different fields of life.

  • Madaris
    Madrassa-tul-Mustafa Where thousands of male and female students completed their Hifz and Nazra Alhamdulillah and still this work is continuously going on.  On the other hand there is an arrangement of Dars-e-Nizami course as well.Most of the famous Ulma-e-Karaam, Naat-Khuwan & Hafiz-e-Quran are also connected with this platform Alhamdulillah. The other activities of this platform are given below.
  • Construction of Masajid:
    With the co-operation of this platform, from last few years we have construct above Masajid e Ahlesunnat in the different districts and regions of Sindh, Balochistan & Punjab.
  • Charity:
    Through this program we help needy people in Ramadan and throughout the year (as much as we can). We collect and donate charity and donations for all the Muslim victims countries in all over the world.
  • Free publishing of knowledge regards Islam.
    This platform distributes books, stickers, posters etc  to people whole year and they are depends on thousands of topics related to Islamic knowledge including books of rights ,laws, duties and tradition and different problems and their solutions are there as well.
  • Celebration of Days of Saints.
    From our platform we make celebration of Urs and birthday of all saints and sufi saints in all across the city. Specially celebrate eid-e-miladunabbi and organized more event like this.
  • Training camps and classes regards Islam.
    This Tehreek have managed the training sessions and classes regarding to Islamic knowledge in different Masajid and Madaris.
  • Arrangement of Hajj Group.
    Tehreek-e-Ittihad-e-Ahlesunnat arrange no profit no loss deal for all the people of Ahlesunnat in this they provide knowledge of Islam that how to protect  laws and ideology  their purpose is to highlight the peace.On the other hand this Tehreek is also working for different fields of life to spread Islamic knowledge among the youth and others and to promote importance of Islam.